Mar Roxas, using super cheap strategy

It is super obvious na publicity lang ang habol ni Mar Roxas. In fact napaka cheap ng gingawa nila.The public knows that what they have watched on TV is purely for publicity. It’s up to the people whether they will buy the publicity or not. But I don’t suppose they will vote for Mar Roxas simply because he had professed his undying love to Korina in public.

It might work for some but I don’t think it will work for all. In the end, I don’t think the announcement will make Mar win in 2010.
And it is very obvious na naggagamitan lang sila. Super obvious naman na drama/gimmick lang yun. Ang daming date na pwede silang pakasal pero bakit ngayon pa nila inannounce, and besides ganun din naman ata nung humabol ng senator si mar roxas eh, before mag election yata inannounce din na sila na ni korina. Parang super cheap ng strategy na ginawa nila for publicity because it is very obvious sa mga tao.
I can’t wait na matalo si Mar Roxas!, does it mean na mgdidivorce na agad sila!..hahahaha! The type of wife Korina will be to Mar will depend on Mar Roxas’ position and popularity after the 2010 elections.


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